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College Rules Exam


1.      What rule book do you need to use when officiating a College meet?
a.      The current National Federation Rule Book
b.      The Current MIAA Rule Book
c.       The Current NCAA Rule Book
d.      The Current USA Track and Field Rule Book
e.      All of the above
2.      The College Uniform Rule
a.      Says nothing about Jewelry
b.      Has the same rule as High School
c.       Permits Midriffs
d.      All of the above
3.      Men�s and Women�s Steeplechase cannot be run at the same time because:
a.      The distances of the barriers are different
b.      The starting lines are different
c.       The barrier heights are different
d.      None of the above
4.      All measurements at a College Meet are taken in
a.      Feet and inches
b.      Meters
c.       Either one
5.      The Rules of the javelin at the college level call for
a.      The throw to be marked from the first part of the javelin to touch the ground
b.      The Javelin must strike tip first and stick in the ground
c.       The metal head of the javelin must strike the ground first
d.      The throw is marked from the center part of the javelin.
6.      What are the correct hurdle heights for the men�s 60/ women�s 55 meter race
a.      36�/30�
b.      42�/33�
c.       39�/30�

d.      None of the above

7.      What are the proper Hurdle heights for the Men�s 110/women�s 100 meter race?
a.      42�/33�
b.      36�/30�
c.       39�/30�
d.      None of the above
8.      All competitors are required to wear shoes for all events.
a.      True
b.      False
9.      In the long and triple jumps, how many active boards can you use during the competition?
a.      1
b.      2
c.       3
d.      As many as are needed for all jumpers.
10.  In the heptathlon/decathlon, the time limit between the end of one event and the beginning of the next event shall be:
a.      At  least 30 minutes
b.      15 minutes
c.       As much time as needed for warm ups
d.      45 minutes

11.  An athlete�s failure to participate in one event is barred from all remaining events in the current meet.
a.      True
b.      False
c.      Determined by the meet director
d.      There is no official ruling

12.  Protests should be made
a.      At once and no later than the end of the meet
b.      At once and no later than 30 minutes after results are announced or posted
c.       Can only be made by the coach
d.      None of the above

e.      All of the above

13.  In the Hammer throw it is considered a foul if you
a.      Leave the circle from the rear
b.      Leave the circle prior to the implement hitting the ground
c.      None of the above
d.      All of the above

Answers should be mailed or e-mailed to: Lisa Helpa, P.O. Box 67, North Hatfield, MA  01066

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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2013 Rules Changes Examination

2013 Rules Changes Examination

(Below is WMTFOA's first attempt at an "on-line" exam. In any year that you do not attend the clinic, you are required to take and pass a "Rules Changes" exam in order to insure that you're up on current rule changes. This must be done prior to the end of the enrollment period in order to maintain your certification. This year, that deadline is March first.)

·         Refer to the new (2013) NF rules book to answer each question.
·         You can either print out the answer section or attach it to an e-mail, or just list your 10 answers on an e-mail to Lisa.
·         Please save a copy of your answer sheet until such time as you are credited with passing the exam. 

1.  Washington reports to the shot put with a legal weight 16 lb. college shot.  Jefferson reports with a girl's 8 kg shot.  Both athletes inform the official that they would like to use these implements to warm-up for the boys' event.  The official should:

a.  Allow warm-ups with the college shot since it is heavier than the regulation high school implement.

b.  Allow both athletes to warm-up with their implements but remind them that they must use regulation implements in the competition.

c.  Disallow warm-ups with either illegal implement.

d.  Consult with the field referee before making a ruling.

2.  The referee notices that there are:  (a) hurdle carts just inside the curb of the track and (b) an electrical box 2 feet outside the track that sticks up about 8 inches.  The referee should:

a.  Inform the host coach that the meet cannot proceed until the carts and the electrical box have been removed to an area 1 meter or more outside the track.

b.  Inform the host coach that the hurdle carts should be moved and the electrical box should be covered and padded if possible.

c.  Do nothing, as there is no rules violation in either case.

d.  Cancel the meet.


3.  In the 4X100m relay the second and third runners from Madison High School are simultaneously touching the baton as they move from the acceleration zone into the exchange zone, where the third runner takes sole possession of the baton.  The zone judge should:

a.  Signal a fair exchange since sole possession did not take place until the baton was in the exchange zone.

b.  Raise the red flag and disqualify Madison HS.

c.  Raise a yellow flag and report the violation that both runners touched the baton outside the exchange zone.

d.  Consult with the head umpire to discuss whether there was a violation or not. 


4.  Filmore enters the shot put circle, pauses, and proceeds to initiate his put using a "cartwheel" technique.  The shot lands fairly in the sector and the Filmore exits the rear half of the circle after the throw.

a.  This attempt is fair on all accounts and should be marked and measured.

b.  This attempt should be ruled a foul and the athlete should be disqualified from the event.

c.  The attempt should be ruled a foul, as the "cartwheel" technique has been banned in high school competition.

d.  The attempt should be ruled a "not throw" and the athlete should be given a second attempt.

5.  During his approach, Tyler's javelin makes contact with the runway, causing a portion of the tail to break off.  Tyler completes the throw and the javelin lands (a) within the sector or (b) outside the sector.   The official should:

a.  Mark and measure in situation (a) and call a foul in situation (b).

b.  Call both (a) and (b) a foul.

c.  Mark and measure in situation (a) and award a replacement attempt in situation (b).

d.  Declare both situations a "no throw" and award a replacement attempt.


6.  At the change of bar height there are 3 athletes remaining in the high jump competition.  The time limit for initiating a trial after being called shall:

a.  Remain at 1 minute until there are 2 or fewer competitors.

b.  Be increased to 3 minutes for the remainder of the competition.

c.  Be increased to 3 minutes until only 2 competitors remain.

d.  Be increased to 3 minutes until only a single competitor remains.


7.   At the change of bar height there is only one athlete remaining in the pole vault competition.  The time limit for initiating a trial after being called shall:

a.  Remain at 1.5 minutes for the remainder of the competition.

b.  Be increased to 3 minutes for the remainder of the competition.

c.  Be increased to 6 minutes for the remainder of the competition.

d.  Be increased to 10 minutes for the remainder of the competition.


8.  Clinton reports to the pole vault wearing covers on her forearms to prevent injury and gloves to improve her grip.  The event official should:

a.  Disallow the wearing of both the forearm covers and the gloves.

b.  Allow the forearm covers to be worn but disallow the gloves.

c.  Allow the gloves but disallow the forearm covers.

d.  Consult with the field referee.


9.  To speed up the shot put event the field of 14 has been divided into two flights of 5 and a flight of 4 based on previous performance.  The coach of Kennedy High School protests.  The referee should:

a.  Deny the protest since meet management has the power to set up flights.

b.  Deny the protest since the flights have been set up according to performance.

c.  Uphold the protest since flights must be drawn randomly.

d.  Uphold the protest since one of the flights contains fewer than 5 competitors.



10.  Johnson High school's high jump area requires a jumper to go from the grass field onto the rubberized track surface.  The coach from the visiting team protests to the referee.  The referee should.

a.  Allow the event to be contested since there is no obvious safety hazard.

b.  Cancel the event and award no points to any competitor.

c.  Cancel the event and divide all points equally among the visiting teams.

d.  Attempt to adjust the approach so that it is of an unvarying surface.  If that cannot be done the event should be cancelled and all points will be divided among the visiting teams.


Answer Sheet: Copy and e-mail this section to Lisa Helpa at (Should you decide to mail in your answers via the post office, Lisa's address is Lisa Helpa, Box 67, N. Hatfield MA 01066)

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