Saturday, January 19, 2013

College Rules Exam


1.      What rule book do you need to use when officiating a College meet?
a.      The current National Federation Rule Book
b.      The Current MIAA Rule Book
c.       The Current NCAA Rule Book
d.      The Current USA Track and Field Rule Book
e.      All of the above
2.      The College Uniform Rule
a.      Says nothing about Jewelry
b.      Has the same rule as High School
c.       Permits Midriffs
d.      All of the above
3.      Men�s and Women�s Steeplechase cannot be run at the same time because:
a.      The distances of the barriers are different
b.      The starting lines are different
c.       The barrier heights are different
d.      None of the above
4.      All measurements at a College Meet are taken in
a.      Feet and inches
b.      Meters
c.       Either one
5.      The Rules of the javelin at the college level call for
a.      The throw to be marked from the first part of the javelin to touch the ground
b.      The Javelin must strike tip first and stick in the ground
c.       The metal head of the javelin must strike the ground first
d.      The throw is marked from the center part of the javelin.
6.      What are the correct hurdle heights for the men�s 60/ women�s 55 meter race
a.      36�/30�
b.      42�/33�
c.       39�/30�

d.      None of the above

7.      What are the proper Hurdle heights for the Men�s 110/women�s 100 meter race?
a.      42�/33�
b.      36�/30�
c.       39�/30�
d.      None of the above
8.      All competitors are required to wear shoes for all events.
a.      True
b.      False
9.      In the long and triple jumps, how many active boards can you use during the competition?
a.      1
b.      2
c.       3
d.      As many as are needed for all jumpers.
10.  In the heptathlon/decathlon, the time limit between the end of one event and the beginning of the next event shall be:
a.      At  least 30 minutes
b.      15 minutes
c.       As much time as needed for warm ups
d.      45 minutes

11.  An athlete�s failure to participate in one event is barred from all remaining events in the current meet.
a.      True
b.      False
c.      Determined by the meet director
d.      There is no official ruling

12.  Protests should be made
a.      At once and no later than the end of the meet
b.      At once and no later than 30 minutes after results are announced or posted
c.       Can only be made by the coach
d.      None of the above

e.      All of the above

13.  In the Hammer throw it is considered a foul if you
a.      Leave the circle from the rear
b.      Leave the circle prior to the implement hitting the ground
c.      None of the above
d.      All of the above

Answers should be mailed or e-mailed to: Lisa Helpa, P.O. Box 67, North Hatfield, MA  01066

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