Thursday, April 26, 2012


Jon Dias has informed the E-Board that M-F Athletic has a Free Shipping deal going on most items if you order online. The web address is  Go over and check them out.

This is a dealer that we utilize for equipment, such as watches, ammunition, Official's helpers, etc. Most of us have found that M-F offers superior products as well as service. Pricing is very fair to the consumer as well.

We recommend that when you get a stopwatch, don't just get the first one you see at any Sports Store. You want to secure one that takes mulitple places (at least up to 50). A lot of newer officials tend to get a one place stopwatch. Keep in mind there are times when you have to get more than one time, and that is even in the sprints.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


To All Interested Parties:

Mac's surgery (postponed from April 18 to April 19) was completed successfully this morning.  Depending on how quickly he recovers he will be in the hospital for 3 to 5 days.  Mac's home address is 35 Pynchon Road, Holyoke, 01040 if you would like to send him a card.   --bk 

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

FW: officials

A meet is available at Northampton HS; Greenfield V Sabis on April 23rd 4:15 start (3:45 report).  Please Contact Michael Kuchieski at Greenfield High or 413 552 3010.

> Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2012 08:47:13 -0400
> From:
> To:
> Subject: officials
> Hi MacKenzie,
> I have been told that you could help me out getting officials for our girls track meet on April 23rd next Mon vs Sabis at Northampton High at 4:15pm.I have 2 already and looking for 4. I have Jim Ryan and Amy Charboneau. They can respond to me by email or call my cell, 413-522-3010. Thank you in advance for the help. Mike
> Michael J. Kuchieski
> Athletic Director
> Head Football Coach
> Head Softball Coach
> Greenfield High School
> 413-772-1345 (s)
> 413-522-3010 (c)

Friday, April 13, 2012


I have gotten a number of e-mail inquiries in recent days concerning members of our association either not enforcing rules properly or (even worse) enforcing rules that simply DO NOT EXIST!  If you are unsure of a rule please consult your rule book-- if it is not in there it is not a rule!  Many of these mistakes are the result of old (changed) rules being enforced or just creative officiating by people who don't know what they are doing. 


Among the complaints I have received recently:


High jumpers leaving the ground on both feet.  This IS a foul (but it consistently was not called!)


Shot putters and discus throwers being told they must enter the circle only from the back half.  (This is NOT A RULE.  A thrower can enter the circle anyway they like, but must exit from the rear half.

High jumpers being fouled for exiting the pit in front, under the bar.  (A high jumper can exit the pit in any direction they wish.)


Unsuccessful high jumps being called good because the jumper exited the pit before the bar fell.  (If a high jumper displaces the bar it is a MISS, regardless of whether the jumper has exited the pit or not.


Hand times being recorded in hundredths of seconds.  (All hand times MUST be rounded UP to the next higher tenth.  A 12.31 and a 12.34 are both recorded as a 12.4, even though one athlete clearly finished  first and the other finished second.


Do not be afraid to consult your rule book during a meet.  It is far better to get it right the first time than to have to correct it after the fact.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012


Just a few things we have heard from various locations throughout the area.

HIGH JUMP: A competitor must jump off of ONE FOOT not two. Rule 7 Section 4 Article 16F.

JAVELIN: Must be measured to the lesser INCH: Rule 6 Section 6 Article 13. (The MIAA does not measure currently in centimeters). DISCUS also is measured similarly: Rule 6 Section 4 Article 11.

It is easy in the pre-season to forget or not notice these sort of things, but it is your job to take the correct action.

Another item that I would encourage is to have an adult mark the discus and javelin. Sometimes kids get distracted or are oblivious as to where the implements are landing. Have those marking the events also "hustle" out to the spot to sell the call/mark.

Please remember to round UP (to the higher tenth of a second) in the running events unless FAT is being used.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

vertical jumps opening heights

A reminder to all coaches (especially new ones): the PVIAC Spring Track By-Laws state that, unless mutually agreed to by the coaches, the opening heights for the vertical jumps will be 7'0" for the boy's pole vault, 6'0" for the girl's pole vault, 4'10" for the boy's high jump, and 3'10" for the girl's high jump.  The PVIAC By-Laws can be found by clicking the "INFORMATION" tab at  

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


Just so that everyone is CLEAR. In order to qualify at all for post season work, you MUST take the free Concussion test which is listed in the right column of this site.

Also, if you are not going to make an assignment that you have committed to. It truly is your own obligation to find a replacement, or risk not being assigned at that location again. It is also imperative that you contact whomever assigned you the meet to let them know of the change.

Let's all be professionals, by meeting both of these obligations.

Monday, April 2, 2012

concussion training

Officials who do not complete the concussion training now mandated by state law will not be eligible to work the PVIAC Championship Meets or the MIAA Western Mass championship Meet.


Per the MIAA handbook. Official's pay per meet is $69 for 2012 and $70 for 2013. This does NOT nnclude tournaments, certain situations where multiple schools are involved nor lack of proper staffing in a meet.

Please notify the Board of Directors if you feel as if there has been an error in how you have been funded. Though we do not control payment, we need to know if there are any patterns that can or need be addressed.

Always fill out your pay slip prior to any contest, unless the Meet Director already has your information.

Everyone have a great season!