Friday, March 30, 2012

Official needed

1 official needed
Monday, April 2nd
4:00 @ central high school.

Please reply to Deb Pelletier
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mandatory concussion training

HEADS UP! Massachusetts state law now mandates concussion training for all coaches and game officials!!

All coaches and game officials in Massachusetts are now required by law (105 CMR 201.000) and by the MIAA to complete a training course in concussion recognition, treatment, and prevention. You can satisfy this requirement by taking and passing one of two FREE on-line courses and printing your certificate (which you should then place in your officials bag!). Completion of either very informative course takes about 30-40 minutes and includes a short test. If you choose to take the NFHS course you must first register with NFHSLearn (easy to do at the website). Each website also includes an extensive collection of educational resources pertainng to concussion and head injury. TAKE THE COURSE NOW at either or

Monday, March 26, 2012

Officials needed at Palmer HS


There are three dates available at Palmer schools- April 2nd, April 5th, April 10th. Contact

Peter Farr
Director of Athletics,Physical Education and Health
Head Baseball Coach
Palmer Public Schools
(413)283-2627 (Office)
(413)348-6443 (Cell)

Sunday, March 25, 2012


During the season, if you need a WMTFOA shirt or hat, please e-mail Deb Pelletier at

Hats $12
Shirts $18 sizes s > XL
$21 XXL
$22 XXXL
Windbreaker / Rain coat
$22 sizes S>XL
$25 XXL
$27 XXXL

I also have patches for $5 that can be sewn onto a yellow garment of your choice.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Rules Interpreter

From the WMTFOA Rules Interpeter

As the "Rules Interpreter" for the WMTFOA I am happy to put my 40+ years as a track and field official at your disposal to help answer questions you may have about situations you encounter during your officiating assignments. In my experience there are very few "original problems" and by sharing our experiences we can all become better officials. If you e-mail me at I will research your question or situation and respond to you ASAP. In the event that I do not know the answer or solution to your problem I will direct it to the MIAA track and field liason for clarification and notify you of his response. I would like to suggest that new officials familiarize themselves with the situations and rulings in the National Federation Case Book as a supplement to the Rules Book. I would further suggest that the National Federation Official's Manual be used as a source of information to help new officials carry out their duties. (Both of these publications can be ordered directly from the National Federation using the order form on pages 93-94 of your Rules Book). I look forward to hearing from you. --Bill Kane

Monday, March 19, 2012

no attachment

Sorry. The "attached" 2-sided note sheet for clinic attendees that was mentioned in the last e-mail was obviously not attached. I'll have them printed and will distribute them at the clinic. If you'd like an advanced copy via e-mail, let me know at

I further should have mentioned that meets being offered can be accessed at the WMTFOA blog. The link at the bottom of this message will take you there.

Thanks to Michael Budd for getting the blog up and running.

Wag more, bark less.
Steven Mulak


last-minute clinic reminder

If you're coming to the clinic on Saturday, please remember to wear (or bring) sneakers.

I have prepared (and attached) a 2-sided note sheet for clinic attendees. You might want to print it off and keep it on a clipboard for your running notes during the clinic.

The clinic will be on a tight schedule if we are to accomplish all that appears on the schedule and still end on time. Therefore, I apologize in advance if your discussion is cut short.

Similarly, if you need to do any WMTFOA business (i.e., pay your dues) there is no time set aside for that. So come early or plan on staying late.

I have had several inquiries about sign-up sheets: Others may (or may not) have meets to offer. There is no formal routine at this clinic for offering future meets.

New officials: Unfortunately, we will not be able to take time with new people to introduce them to WMTFOA, as we have done in the past (and as was done at the Feb 16th meeting for new officials.) Michael Budd will host a scrimmage track meet at East Longmeadow high school during the afternoon for the express purpose of giving new people some training. I'll be there, and will be glad to take 20 minutes to go over the "indoctrination routine" with any who might need such.

Steven Mulak
treasurer, WMT&FOA


Thursday, March 15, 2012





Contact Michael Budd: