Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Credit for this goes to John Moran.


Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I have been made aware that some starters need to be more consistent in how they are handling this function. Whistles and flags are key in communicating with Starters. Starters must look and listen before starting the next heat or event (Rule 3 Section 6 Article 2).

Here is a mistake I have made that needs to be told: You only need a gun lap on races of three laps or more. No gun lap or bell required in the 800. I made this mistake and was corrected, so I am not perfect either. It is clearly spelled out in the rule book (Article 1). I will say this in my defense, it can be a crowd pleaser and draw attention to the event, but it is not required.

"On your marks" and "set". There may be some confusion, but my rule of thumb is that for events lower than the 800 outdoors and 600 indoors, "set" should be used regardless of whether blocks are utilized or not.

Leaving a meet before the completion of the 4 x 400 is another no-no. Typically the starter is the referee, if something happens and you are driving out of the parking lot, you might have a lot of explaining to do later.

One more tip: After you have fired the gun, take a turn to look if there were any violations. Especially in the high hurdles and the 100 meter dash. There is sometimes contact or other things going on that you might be asked about by an observant Coach later.

Ammunition is getting harder and harder to come by. Please share with the organization places that you can secure shells. E-mail me at darthbuddster@aol.com


I was reading an interesting article today on MassLive where a student/athlete with a famous name had set a new school record in the 100 meter dash at 10.85 seconds. I applaud the athlete, but question the performance for at that location I was unaware that Fully Automatic Timing had ever been used.

We have to be careful and also remind the coaches that what their stopwatch reads and what actually is accepted more often than not is not going to be the same. Please remind them as well as yourselves to ROUND UP. My guess is that this student ran a 10.9...STILL IMPRESSIVE!

I have seen some articles in the local newspaper along with some of my OWN score sheets after competitions. I must remind everyone to review RULE 6. Specifically Section 4 Article 11 and Section 6 Article 13 in regard to measurements. Discus and Javelin are measured to the lesser INCH for high school. We generally do not measure to lesser even centimeters in Massachusetts unless the games committee has determined to do so.

What we do not want are performances reported to the newspaper that are inaccurate by our own officiating standards. One might ask, what's the difference? The answer is because it is the right thing to do and we're all professionals.

It's getting close to the Championship season we should all be on our "A" game. Tighten up on jewelry and inspect those implements. I found an illegal one yesterday, so they're out there!