Wednesday, March 26, 2008


In your "Pre-Meet" meeting with all of the representing Head Coaches, here are the items you must cover: Unsportsmanlike conduct, taunting (trash talking), JEWELRY, agreed upon changes in the order of events, and uniform rule. You are not limited to those items in your discussion, but please cover these items.

All schools have forms available if there is a student or Coach expelled from the meet for fighting or assaulting an official. Let's NEVER let it get to that point, but the MIAA shall support us if there is that sort of escalation. The pre-meet will clearly alleviate these problems.


I have also suggested that you find out the number of competitors in the sprinting and hurdling events so that you can determine how you may set up heats (if necessary). If you have more than one heat, the first heat is usually the only one you can score points in.

Remember to round up (unless you are using FAT) and lesser inch in the discus and javelin. We do not want to read illegal results in the paper.